Te Wehi Nui a Mamao

Inspired from the story where Tane chose the star Te Wehi Nui a Mamao to be the guardian over all the stars, this site was created by a team from the University of Auckland as part of a wider FORST (Foundation of Research, Science & Technology) project which spent more than 4 years looking at Maori language and culture across Te Tai Tokerau, and engaged in an ongoing series of landscape photography and video interviews with kui and kaumatua from many different iwi in the region.

This project was supervised through the James Henare Maori Research Centre. The centre contributes to Maori social, cultural and economic well-being and advancement through its research programmes and activities.

It focuses the intellectual resources of the University on issues relevant to the needs of the Taitokerau people. These are the people in the University's traditional rohe - the area from Northern Waikato and Coromandel to Auckland and Northland.

While special importance is attached to the needs of Taitokerau, the Centre's research interests and links are nation-wide and also extend to international networks.

The Centre was established in 1993 and named in honour of the late Sir James Henare, an eminent Maori leader and scholar. Sir James played a key role in impressing on the University the importance of honouring its responsibilities in these matters.

The Centre itself has a very small core staff. Most of its work is carried out by interdisciplinary research teams drawn from across the University. Where appropriate, this also includes other institutions and organisations. The Centre also undertakes facilitative and coordinating roles.

Activities include:

  • responding to research requests from Maori authorities, organisations, communities and agencies
  • seeking funding for research programmes
  • using qualified and skilled research staff for projects
  • developing Maori research capacity within and outside the University
  • delivering research-based information within Maori communities and organisations
  • research on behalf of government departments and other organisations

Media & Content generation for Te Wehi Nui is overseen by online content manager and producer Mike Hennessy. Mike is a multimedia producer, digital consultant and oral historian, with more than 15 years experience in the media industry. His expertise includes filming and interviews, web development, GPS project mapping, social media and digital strategy. Mike has directed television series, exhibition documentaries, produced a music album and television commercials. You can reach Mike here.