How to use Te Wehi Nui

This site is designed as a repository and guardian for the resources and knowledge of a series of tribal rohe in the far north of Aotearoa (New Zealand); Te Rarawa ki Hokianga, Ngapuhi ki Hokianga, Te Uri o Hau ki Kaipara, Ngapuhi ki Pewhairangi, Ngapuhi ki Matauri and Patuharakeke ki Takahiwai.

This new site is the culmination of work by a team of researchers, academics and oral historians from the James Henare Maori Research Centre at the University of Auckland.

It contains the content that this team has collected since 2008, represented by video, images, research papers, audio and written stories from across the region.

With the permission of libraries, museums and institutions from across New Zealand as well as Auckland Universities Music Archives it also contains images and audio from our shared history as a nation. The site is designed not only for you to view content, but also for you to comment on this content we have assembled - and contribute your own stories, memories and perspectives.

Using the Contribute section you will be able to upload any of your own stories, videos, documents, audio files or images to the site.

All contributions will be monitored by the Kaitiaki (guardians) of the site and as long as they are respectful and contribute to the sum total of knowledge of the iwi groups - they will be made live within 24 hours.

If there are any questions or issues arising from the content you contribute, we will contact you directly to discuss these issues.

We accept that there is often more than one perspective to any story, and so wherever possible we will allow people to talk about and discuss these memories and perspectives on this site. However all content must be respectful and reach a standard that allows for the free sharing of information. Offensive content will not be uploaded to the site.

If you are using content, images etc that you have sourced from other people or online we ask that you acknowledge these sources when you upload this content. It is important that we acknowledge all contributions to the site, even if they come from a third person.

Te Wehi Nui is in its infancy at the moment. We will continue to upload much more content ourselves over the days, weeks and months ahead ... and we look forward to seeing your own contributions, as you make use of the site.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Kaitiaki, March 2013